Accelerate your Cloud native Journey

Over years of solid experience, Zelarsoft is one of the trusted technology development partners to design, deliver and support business vision from beginning to the end.

Our Services

Zelar’s Kubernetes Consulting Service help your organization to completely transform your container strategy . Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency

Speed up your cloud native project with CloudOps’ expert advice and implementation. We help you navigate the ever-changing cloud native landscape to find the best solutions for your needs.

Comprehensive management of your AWS environments, with 24x7x365 monitoring and incident response, freeing your team to focus on development.

Zelar offers provides DevOps-as-a-Service to help large enterprises and startups align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency,

Are you scouting to have a single authorization tool that can cover the whole cloud native stack?

Zelar modern software engineering approach enables companies to build scalable & future-ready software products.

Data integration is the process of taking data from multiple disparate sources.

Do you have these challenges with deployments? GitOps is the recipe for success when it comes to continuous everything for cloud native applications on Kubernetes.

Who we are?

Zelarsoft is a one-stop solution for your Cloud Native initiatives. Whether you are a growth stage startup in Silicon Valley or an enterprise spanning across the globe, fast-tracking your journey to the Cloud is our holy grail.

Zelarsoft’s accomplished team with expertise in Cloud Native technologies has deployed production grade platforms for major banks, telcos across North America and APAC and acted as Cloud Native enablers for Oil & Gas, and Federal governments globally. Deeply invested in R&D, and with extensive team expertise, Zelar is committed to bring futuristic tech to our clients.

Be it containerization, or employing DevOps methodology or any other service ranging from increasing visibility with end-to-end monitoring, security to cloud compliance, manageability, service levels & cost optimization and support and training your team, Zelar is here to support optimal realization of your business vision.

Quick intro

About Us

We believe a great company has a positive impact in the world, and on the people who build it.

Vision & Mission

We continually thrive on new ideas and better implementation strategies to help our clients innovate and transform their businesses.

Our products

Klusternetes most advanced platform for kubernetes self-service and multi-tenancy, cost optimization on auto-pilot, enterprise-grade access control and secure kubernetes multi-tenancy.