Azure Support Services

Welcome to Zelar Soft's Azure Support Services, your trusted partner in achieving seamless cloud operations and unparalleled success on the Microsoft Azure platform. As businesses increasingly embrace the cloud to drive innovation and agility, we understand the criticality of having a reliable and responsive support system to ensure your Azure environment operates at its peak potential.

At Zelarsoft, we are committed to providing comprehensive Azure Support Services designed to meet the unique demands of your organization. Whether you’re an Azure newcomer or an established cloud user, our offerings are tailored to suit your specific needs, empowering you to leverage Azure’s full potential with confidence.


Key Features of Zelarsoft’s Azure Support Services:

Our plans

Feature Starter Plan Essential Plan CSP Plan (For Cloud Solution Providers)
Coverage 8 am to 5 pm aligned to customer’s time zone Align with CSP Process
Support Tickets Unlimited
Monthly Consulting and Training Hours None 5 hours 5 hours
Support Communication Channel Email Email, Phone Align with CSP Process
Support Team Structure Shared Shared Dedicated
Support levels L1, L2 L3 to Microsoft support L1, L2 L3 to Microsoft support Align with CSP Process
White labelled service Not applicable Not applicable
Services usage reviews Half yearly Quarterly Align with CSP Process

Services Scope

Subscription Management
  1. Setup and Administration
  2. Resource Migration
  3. Manage Subscription limits.
  4. RBAC at Resource Groups
Infrastructure Provisioning and Configuration updates
  1. Virtual Machines
  2. Layer 3 Networking (VNET/ Subnets)
  3. Layer 4 Networking (Load Balancers)
  4. Storage
  1. Layer 7 Networking (DNS/ Gateway/ WAF/ CDN/ Front Door / Traffic Manager)
  2. PaaS, Serverless services
Azure AD Applications
  1. Management of Azure AD App Registrations/ Enterprise Applications
  2. Management of Service Principals/ Managed Identities
Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  1. Monitor VM Performance and Troubleshooting
  2. Troubleshoot VM connectivity issues.
  3. Layer 3,4 Networking devices connectivity troubleshooting
  1. Layer 7 Networking devices connectivity troubleshooting
  1. Networking Security Layer 3, 4 (NSG, Azure Firewall, DDOS)
  2. VPN configuration changes
  3. RBAC at Resource Groups
  1. Networking Security Layer 7 (Web Application Firewall)
  2. Azure Private link
Cost Optimization
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Implement on approval.

Schedule: Half yearly

Schedule: Quarterly

Schedule: Align with CSP Process

  1. On-Premises File Shares
  2. Azure Virtual Machines
  3. Azure Managed Disks
  4. Azure File Shares/ Blob backup
  1. Hyper-V /VMWare Virtual Machines
Infrastructure Automation
  1. Infrastructure provisioning templates using Terraform/ ARM / Bicep
  2. Automation Template library

Add Ons (Charged separately)

Infrastructure Migration
Migrations of Virtual Machines, Infrastructure
  1. From AWS/GCP
  2. VMWare
  3. Hyper-V
Plan and implement VPN
  1. Site to Site VPN
  2. Point to Site VPN
Azure Virtual Desktop
Plan and implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions for Dedicated, Shared usage scenarios
  1. Personal (Dedicated)
  2. Shared (Pooled)
  3. Application Virtualization

Join hands with Zelarsoft’s Azure Support Services and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a dedicated partner committed to accelerating your cloud journey. Let’s embark on this cloud transformation together. Contact us today to explore how our Azure Support Services can elevate your business to new heights in the cloud.