Our Valuable Team

At Zelarsoft, we believe that our people are our biggest asset. Our talented team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with unique skills and experiences that contribute to our success.

Vasu Maganti

30 years of experience in Managing Technical Enterprises.

Chakradhar Rao

14 years of experience as a Technologist-CNCF Ambassador

Joshua Hurst

Head of Business Development
20 years of experience in Business Development

Venkat R S

Senior Vice President - Corporate Development
35 years of experience in the Software Industry

Srini Maganti

Executive Vice President
32 years of IT experience with capabilities of leading an organization

Mohammad Sikandar

Head of Sales & Marketing
20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing

Anand Panimaya

Head of Delivery Management
15 years of experience in Delivery Management

Zaman Kazi

EVP & Head of Global Cyber Security Practice
26 years of experience in Cyber Security