A Visual Guide on Troubleshooting Kubernetes Deployments

Troubleshooting in Kubernetes can be daunting if you don’t know where to start.

I attached a visual guide to help you troubleshoot Kubernetes deployments.

It covers:
🔹 Connecting Deployment and Service
🔹 Connecting Service and Ingress
🔹 Troubleshooting Pods
🔹 Common Pods errors
🔹 Troubleshooting Services
🔹 Troubleshooting Ingress

The same debugging techniques in the guide can be applied to other objects such as:
✅ failing Jobs and CronJobs.
✅ StatefulSets and DaemonSets.

Remember to approach the problem bottom-up: start with the Pods and move up the stack with Service and Ingress.

Credit: Daniele Polencic – Managing Director at Learnk8s

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