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Identity Security


(Microsoft Entra + Microsoft Defender for Identity)

1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


2. Configure Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)


3. Configure Admin accounts per Microsoft recommendations


4. Configure vanity Domains and assign Vanity Domain logins, emails to users. Example: [email protected] in place of [email protected]


5. Configure Secure File sharing and Collaboration





1. Block Legacy Authentication protocols


2. Configure starter Conditional Access Policies *1


3. Configure additional essential Conditional Access Policies *2


4. Configure Group Based Licensing to simplify user license management.


5. Configure Emergency Access/ Break-glass

1. Microsoft Secure Score analysis and implementation


2. Guest users Governance: Configure self-attest process


3. Configure Privileged Identity Management (PIM) to enable Just-in-Time access to Admins.








Email and Document Data Security



Defender for

Office 365)

1. Anti-Spam configuration


2. Anti Malware configuration


3. Anti Phishing configuration


4. Safe Attachments configuration for SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Safe links

1. Zero-hour Auto Purge (ZAP) for Email, Teams


2. Attack simulation training for Phishing




1. Microsoft Secure Score analysis and implementation







Endpoint Security


(Microsoft Defender for Endpoint + Microsoft Intune)

1. Configure essential Device Protection Policies*3


2. Enrol devices*4


3. Configure Anti-virus.


4. Configure Firewall




1. Configure additional Device protection policies.


2. Configure Attack Surface Reduction.


3. Configure Endpoint Privilege Management