MOVING TO THE CLOUD – Unlearning Modern Techniques

In the times during and after the pandemic, technology is driving change. Businesses are forced to reinvent themselves to be relevant. Cloud-native technologies make scaling easier, deployments faster, and computing costs lower.

In this meetup, Kevin Hoffman, Distinguished Engineer from Capital One, shares stories on how organizations moved their workloads into the cloud-native landscape and will discuss people/process and technologies involved in the journey.

Kevin Hoffman, Distinguished Engineer, Capital One

Kevin is a highly respected Distinguished Engineer, Author, and Builder of Things. A sampling of his accomplishments includes having written or co-written 20 books on Rust, Go, C#, .NET Core, the .NET Framework, Cocoa, SharePoint, iOS, and more. Presented at KubeCon Shanghai (2019), KubeCon EU (2020). Presented at Redisconf, QCon, O’Reilly SACon London, Cloud Native London, T11 Beijing, and has guest lectured at Columbia University on iOS development.

Daniel Cohen, Director of Customer Success, Styra

Daniel will be our host for this event. He is currently heading up customer success at Styra, the founders of Open Policy Agent, an incubating project at CNCF. Previously he was Manager of Solution Consulting at PagerDuty, Sr. Sales Engineer at AppDynamics and DataStax, and VP of Technology J.P. Morgan.

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Date & Time::

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
6:30 AM to 7:30 AM IST